Suggestions for Fun and Fabulous Wedding Craft Party Favors

Wedding favors are one area that you can cut costs in when throwing a wedding or wedding shower.

You can create your own wedding party craft favors that will be creative, beautiful, and fun. It is a great way to show your appreciation of your guests too.

You can make your own wedding favors, no matter what your budget or time constraints may be. They will add a personal touch to the festivities also. You can make wedding favors that fit your wedding theme or any type of wedding favors.

You can make wedding food party favors such as, chocolate candy or chocolate suckers, That are very easy to made. Just buy chocolate dipping bars or discs, and melt the chocolate. Next pour the melted chocolate into candy molds and add a stick for suckers. You can use dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate. Some craft stores carry colored chocolate too. You can get the molds shaped in hearts or whatever you wish.

You can bake homemade cookies for your guests. Homemade cookies can go hand in hand with gifting recipes and ingredients. Just bake your favorite recipe or get frozen cookie dough, and cut the cookies into any shape you want. This can be hearts, wedding bells, etc. Rice Krispy treats can also easily be shaped into any shapes.

Decorative soaps are easy to make too. Just buy a melt and pour soap base from a craft store. Cut the soap base into smaller pieces. Melt it into a liquid form and pour it into molds. Molds can be bought from craft stores, or you can use any plastic containers you want.

Scent and color options are endless since you can add your own fragrance, coloring, herbs and oils to get the soap you want. Carve a design into each one, wrap in decorative cellophane, and attach your thank you note.

The possibilities of wedding craft party favors are endless. With a little imagination, you can create one of a kind party favors that everyone will love and appreciate. These wedding favors are personal mementos that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

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