Reference Guide: List of Knitting Abbbreviations

Reference GuideI’ve written a detailed article over here about knitting abbreviations, but I thought having the guide alone on one page might be a little handier for you.

As you can see, you can also sort the list by ascending and descending, as well as how many terms you would like to see at once.

For your convenience, there is a handy search box, so that you can pop in your abbreviation from the pattern and instantly find out what it is.

Reference Guide for Knitting Abbreviations

begBegin or Beginning
BOBind Off
CAColor A
CBColor B
CCContrasting Color
cddCentered Double Decrease, sl2tog, k1, pass the slipped stitches over together
chChain – Starts with a slip knot using a crochet hook
cmCentimeter or centimeters
cnCable needle
COCast On
cross 2 LCross two stitches to the left, slip two stitches purl-wise onto a cable needle with needle hanging in front of work while knitting several stitches, knit stitches off the needle
cross 2 RCross two stitches to the right, slip two stitches purlwise onto a cable needle with the needle hanging in front of work while knitting several stitches, knit stitches off the needle
deDouble Crochet
decDecrease, decreases, or decreasing
DKDouble Knitting weight yarn
dp or dpnDouble Pointed Needle or needles
EONEnd of Needle
EOREnd of Row
FCFront Cross (when working a cable)
flFront Loop or loops
follFollow, follows, or following
FroggingTearing out or unraveling yarn
g or grGram
g stGarter stitch
grp(s)Group or groups
hdcHalf Double Crochet
in(s)Inch or inches
inc(s)Increase, increases, or increasing
inclInclude, includes, or including
instInstruction or instructions
k1f&b or kfbKnit one stitch in the front and then one stitch in the back
k2togKnit two stitches together
k-bKnit stitch in the row below
kllKnit left loop (stitch decrease)
krlKnit right loop (stitch increase)
ktbl, k1tbl, or k1bKnit stitch through the back loop
LCLeft Cross (when working a cable)
LHLeft Hand
lp(s)Loop or loops
LTLeft Twist where two stitches cross over each other
mMeter or meters
M1Make on stitch
M1AMake one away (stitch increase)
M1L, M1, or M1FMake one stitch from the front, lift loop between stitches with the left needle, knit into the back of the loop (stitch increase)
M1 p-stMake one purl stitch
M1R or M1BMake one stitch from the back, lift loop between stitches with the left needle, knit into the front of the loop (stitch increase)
M1TMake one stitch towards (stitch increase)
MBMake Bobble
mcMain color
mmMillimeter or millimeters
ndl(s)Needle or needles
ozOunce or ounces
P or pPurl
p1f&b or pfbPurl the front of a stitch, then purl the back of the same stitch
p2togPurl two together
p2tog tblPurl two together through the back loops
p-bPurl stitch in the row below
pat(s) or patt(s)Pattern or patterns
pmPlace marker
pnsoPass next stitch over
pssoPass slipped stitch over
ptbl, p1tbl, or p1bPull through the back loop
puPick up stitches
pupPick up and purl
RCRight Cross
remRemain, remains, or remaining
repRepeat, repeats, or repeating
rev St stReverse Stockinette stitch
RHRight Hand
ribRibbing (vertical columns consisting of knit and purl stitches, side-by-side as in k1, p1 ribbing)
md(s)Round or rounds (in circular knitting rows are called “rounds”)
RSRight Side
RTRight Twist
scSingle crochet
sk2pSlip one, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over (double stitch increase)
SKP or skpoSlip, Knit, Pass – Slip a stitch, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch (same as sl1, k1, and psso)
sl or sSlip
sl1, k1, pssoSlip one, knit one, pass the slipped stitch over (same as SKP or skpo)
sl1k or sl 1 k-wiseSlip one stitch knitwise
sl1p or sl 1 p-wiseSlip one stitch purlwise
sl stSlip stitch or stitches
slip knotAdjustable loop used to start several of the cast on methods
sp(s)Space of spaces
ssSlip stitch (used in Canadian patterns)
sskSlip, slip, knit slipped stitches together (stitch decrease)
ssk/improvedSl1, sl 1 p-wise, knit slipped stitches together
ssskSlip, slip, slip, knit three stitches together (double stitch decrease)
sspSlip, slip, purl (stitch decrease)
st(s)Stitch or stitches
ST stStockinette Stitch
tblThrough the back loop
tflThrough the front loop
WEWork Even
wonWool over needle
wrnWool round needle
WSWrong Side
wy1bWith yarn in back
wy1fWith yarn in front
yb or ybkYarn to the back
yd(s)Yard or yards
yfonYarn forward and over needle (same as yo)
yfrnYarn forward and round needle (same as yo)
yfwd or yfYarn forward
yoYarn over (wrapped tightly around the needle)
yo2 or yo twiceYarn over twice
yonYarn over needle (same as yo)
yrnYarn round needle (same as yo)
[ ]Work the instructions listed in brackets the number of times directed
( )Work the instructions listed in parenthesis the number of times directed
( )Also indicates change in size
**Instructions listed after the asterisks are to be repeated as directed
*The pattern listed after the asterisk is to be repeated as directed
Single quote represents inch or inches
Every knitter needs to know the terms and abbreviations in order to read a pattern and complete the knitting project..

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