Great Fall-Time and Thanksgiving Suggestions For Little Hands To Make

fall-time-craftsI saw a really cute segment on the news the other day with school children making autumn crafts out of leaves and sticks.

It reminded me of when we were kids and had to collect different leaves and collate them in plastic with their names and something about their habitat.

But, I have to admit the craft project I saw was much more fun than writing about leaves and the trees they fell from.

Basically, the kids went out and found different colored leaves and glued to them to construction paper.

To make the paper design more like the leaves, they each traced their hand on the brown paper and then cut out the design which now looked like one of the leaves and gave them stability.

They glued their leaves to the paper and then attached a stick. The kiddos now had cute wavers.

This is also the time of the year when all the school children are making their paper plate turkeys and other festive crafts to use as centerpieces on Thanksgiving Day.

Brown lunch bags are perfect for easy fall crafts, as well. Just let the kids use paint or makers to make faces on the tops of the bag, then cutout some colored segments for feathers. Felt pieces work really nice, too.

This will make a nice turkey. And they can put their hand in the bag to have a puppet.

Here’s a really cute video using PlayDoh

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