Five Fun Filled Ideas For Your Ghoulish Halloween Fiends

pumpkins-decoratedI have to admit that I only like Halloween when it is fun, family oriented, and everything in good jest. I am not for these scary scenes with blood and gore, but to each his own. And even though I am not keen on being scared out of my wits, I do think there are some great crafts that can be done to make the house a little special for the little ghosts and goblins that might visit. The treats might even be a little gross with spiders and worms, but most everyone enjoys them just the same. But none of these suggestions are my own or things I have done. What I am doing here is showing you some of the cutest Halloween crafts that I found when searching for ideas for myself and my family to do.

Halloween Craft #1 – Knitted Costumes
Country Living is showing the sweetest baby costumes in knitted wool. They look easy to make and so comfy, too. Some examples are:

  • a sweet mouse with pink ears and ribbon can easily be swapped out for different colors, whatever you have on hand
  • a fox, complete with two-colored tail, and adorable eyes
  • the traditional pumpkin that includes pants, hat and booties
  • and a lovely unicorn, so delicate in pastel colors

Why not take a look and see what you can make?

Halloween Craft #2 – Flying Foam Bats
If you like to decorate outside the house and have a small tree for hanging ornaments, making flying bats out of black sheets of foam will be perfect. Tie a string around the branch, and the front yard becomes very festive. Plus, if there is a little breeze, the bats will become real. Of course, you can do the same thing in the house if you have a plant or some type of hanger.
Check out the page on Home and Garden TV.

Halloween Craft #3 – Sweet Scary Jello Ghosts
One thing I do like about the big food companies is that there are usually lots of recipes to look through. Whether you have one of their old fashioned printed cookbooks or you peruse the internet for ideas from other people that use the same products, you are bound to find some great Halloween food ideas. And Jello never disappoints when you need to make something unique and different. Here are the cutest ghosts called Boo-tiful JELL-O Cups.

Halloween Craft #4 – Creepy Donuts
Now these donuts are easy to decorate and creepy enough to know it is Halloween, but sensible enough for little ones to see and eat. Believe it or not, these goodie ideas come from Disney. Take a peek and see what other things you might be able to create!

Halloween Craft #5 – Sequined Pumpkin
When I saw this pumpkin with rings of sequins and a spider running down, I thought it was perfect for Halloween. It could sit in the window, on a chair on the porch, or even on the table as a centerpiece. It does look a bit time consuming having to glue on all the sequins, but you can spruce it up with different colors and it does look great if you have time. Here’s the spider’s web on Good Housekeeping!

Finally, although this is not a craft, I thought many of you out there, like me, wonders how Halloween evolved. How did it get started and why did it end up with us decorating houses, trolling for treats, and wearing costumes? The PBS has done an excellent job of providing that history, here.

If you like watching as you do a craft, here is a tutorial for helping you to make some knitted pumpkins.

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