DIY Wedding Ideas Are Personal to Create and Gorgeous to View

wedding-ideas-for-diyDIY wedding ideas are some of the nicest, since brides and grooms can just go with their hearts. Obviously, though, the choices should still be tasteful, but at least the ideas are catered to the couple’s wishes and personalities.

Often, people think that couples who choose to plan and implement their own weddings are doing so because they have little money and are on a tight budget. This could not be further from the truth.

Sometimes, couples want to express their own ideas for their special day. They visualize a specific theme and have in their minds “a look” that they want to create.

One thing that couples can do when using diy wedding ideas is to have a combination of ideas, both from professionals and themselves. There are no rules that say something has to be done by a wedding supply company. For example, if a friend or family member is an excellent cake baker, why not let her/him bake the cake as her wedding gift to the couple?

Not only is this a very special and thoughtful present, but it gives the person a chance to be involved in a greater way than just a guest the day of the wedding reception.

Another way to incorporate diy wedding ideas into your ceremony or reception is by doing something different like having both the mother and the father walk the bride down the aisle. Or have two bridesmaids walk with one usher instead. These little changes just add some variety to the proceedings. Couples might also let friends decorate the hall.

One caution here, though. If you are a control freak or want things done “just so”, be sure that is what you are going to get. Otherwise, sit back and be surprised. There is no sense in losing friends over hall decorations.

candelabra centerpieceOne fabulous idea that I saw at a recent wedding was using chandeliers instead of centerpieces. The hanging chandeliers could be made of anything. Of course, you do not buy a bunch of real glass light fixtures. You make your own gorgeous hangers from paper, fabric, or anything that suits your theme. Then you can add slips of the same material on the backs of the chairs to complement one another.

It is easy to find plastic round bands to wrap the material at the top and hang from the ceiling with clear fishing line. Even macramé might work nicely if you use lighter knots than the regular heavy ones. And you can even get crystals at the dollar store in the craft or jewelery section that will sparkle when moving around.

Candelabras are elegant, but try to get battery operated candles. Fire may pose problems with the venue’s insurance policy and certainly, it is can be dangerous for guests. But, I must admit, if you see the picture above, they do look amazing!

If your wedding is in the fall, and you are looking for appropriate diy wedding ideas, some nice wheat and other harvest materials will give your tables and banquet hall a homey feel. Pumpkins might even fit in and surely you can use the smaller squashes to create a lovely theme.

Wholesale flowers make a big difference, as well. A lot of people misunderstand and think buying wholesale means getting inferior quality. This is not a fair or accurate assessment at all. In fact, the flowers might be fresher because they have not gone through a long chain of suppliers.

But basically, when you buy wholesale, as opposed to retail, you are not getting arranged flowers. Thus, you pay for the flowers alone and considerably less than at an outlet. If you or anyone in your close circle likes floral crafts, then buying wholesale will be the perfect solution. Plus, you might even get a better selection of colors and styles.

One last thing about doing your own flowers … If you have never done something like this before, you should really expect to buy flowers well in advance and practice until you have the arrangements to your liking. Needless to say, some of the budget needs to go toward practicing.

Indeed, so many DIY wedding ideas that you will have a hard time choosing what is best suited to your personality, the venue, and the theme.

This might be a good idea, ordering a box of flowers, so that you don’t have to choose each individual kind of flower.

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