DIY Wedding Centerpieces Are Not Always Flowers

non-flower-centerpiecesMost wedding centerpieces are flowers. Some couples prefer to have them casual, chic, sophisticated and some wants to design it on their own. On this modern century, traditional roses are still preferred while others would choose non-flower centerpieces. Since your table arrangement will capture the eyes of your guests, it is important to have it the way you want it to be presented.

However, budget issues with table arrangements may be skyrocketing and this will definitely put stress on your part unless you are financially ready for the big cost. In case you’re not, the very popular DIY wedding centerpieces nowadays may save you from wedding jinx.

One way to save big bucks from DIY wedding centerpiece is to buy flowers that are in season. Then, be a little creative with the vases that you are going to use as well as with your non-flower arrangements. While you choose to work your DIY wedding centerpieces with a florist, you can still cut costs by just being creative.

Like I said earlier, choose flowers that are in season. You can do a little research on the internet if you are not certain about this thing. Then try to create your own wedding centerpiece ahead of time. This way, you can evaluate the design and do some changes if you are not satisfied with the results. You should also know how long your chosen flowers will last. Make sure that they are still fresh when the big day comes.

One flower that is highly recommended is calla lily. The reason is because they are big and just a few pieces of them can already make your wedding look modern while saving a lot of money. You can even add fruits to your wedding centerpiece. Not only can they give additional colors to your table but their smell is so amazing especially the citrus fruits. For some who opt for non-flower centerpieces, fruit centerpiece is enough. It already adds visual interest and fun to your table arrangement.

Now if your wedding is during late afternoon or night, placing candles on your center tables is a good idea. This will create a romantic ambiance to your reception venue. Of course, wedding centerpiece will not be complete without card holder. Using a ribbon of your choice, tie it on your centerpiece.

There are so many ways to get you inspired and save money from your wedding if you are resourceful and creative enough. Keep in mind that creating DIY wedding centerpieces is not frustrating and hard to do. If you know your wedding theme and you know exactly what you want, then everything else will smoothly follow.

Other supplies to use are fruit, candles and potpourri.

Whatever you choose, always have fun and enjoy your big day since it is what matters the most.

Suggestion: Let the guests eat from the centerpieces. See how beautiful these samples are to look at and probably refreshing to eat, too!

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