Collection of Gift-Wrapping Ideas for Children at Christmas

I’ve said before that in addition to keeping them busy, crafts provide an outlet for creativity and free thinking for children.

I believe that with all our hectic schedules that having time for play is essential for everyone.

Christmas time is really an easy holiday to get creative because so many things denote the season.

Red and green colors, bells, cookies, trees, snowflakes, the Nativity Scene, sleighs, hymns and carols, wreaths, and of course, Santa Claus.

This broad selection gives us the opportunity to make anything we want and enjoy our finished project. Whether it be to decorate the house, give to a friend as a gift, or just to admire ourselves, the possibilities are endless with Christmas crafts.

In our family, we recycle anything that can be used later for a craft project. Clips from bread bags, old Christmas cards, all wrapping paper from various presents received throughout the year, flower arrangement plastic sheeting, all snippets and bits of gift tag ornaments such as pine cones, ribbon and holly leaves.

We place the ribbons in a flat box, so that they are not permanently crushed when we go to use them again. The paper and bows are kept in large white plastic bags to keep the dust off. From the big bag and boxes of pieces, we have enough to make our Christmas crafts without spending a single penny. And, it is nice to know that we did not throw all that good stuff away.

For that reason alone, I love this collection from Martha Stewart. She shows us some gorgeous gift wrapping ideas that kids can do from scraps around the house. I just love it!

And here’s a fun Christmas video with Ellen Degeneres, Martha Stewart, Julia Roberts and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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