Introduction to Crafts

This is Candace’s Craft Corner. My little nook on the internet.

Crafts can be a lot of fun for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Many find a craft they enjoy and spend time unwinding or creating fabulous projects. The most interesting part about crafting is that everyone is bound to find something that appeals to their level and interest.

Remember, too, that crafts are not always things like knitting, embroidery and making macaroni pictures. Do-it-yourself projects can be considered a type of craft. If you are redecorating a room, for example, being able to make designs with the paint or creating funky upholstery for a hassock is what crafters do.

Even little children painting potatoes to make them look like hilarious people is a craft.

And, while I am not, obviously, an expert at every craft out there, I have tried to speak to various experts on the topics, so that we can all enjoy some good and useful information.

Welcome to Fanciful Crafts and I hope we get to interact and have fun ~!

Your Hostess,

Let’s start off with a video for those rainy, boring days, shall we?

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